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HEDP Powder

Category : Catalyst and Auxiliary/Water Treatment Chemicals
CAS NO : 2809-21-4          EC NO : 220-552-8
MF : C2H8O7P2
Main Specifications :
Synonyms : 1-Hydroxyethane-1,1-diphosphonic Acid;Etidronic acid;HEDP;HEDPA; Hydroxy Ethylidene-1,1-Diphosphonic Acid;1-Hydroxy Ethylidene-1,1-Diphosphonic Acid;1-Hydroxyethylidene diphosphonic Acid;1-hydroxy ethylene-1,1-diphosphonic acid;1-HYDROXYETHYLIDENEDI(PHOSPHONIC ACID);disodium (1-hydroxyethane-1,1-diyl)bis[hydrogen(phosphonate)];(1-hydroxyethane-1,1-diyl)bis(phosphonate);Hydroxyethylidenedi(phosphonic acid);Hydroxyethylidine Diphosphonic Acid;
HEDP Powder
Package: BAG
Molecular Structure:HEDP Powder 2809-21-4
Product description:
Abbreviation: HEDP Powder
Molecular Formula: C2H8O7P2
Molecular Weight: 206
CAS Number: 2809-21-4
Application Notes: Noted for its excellent CaCO3 scale inhibition and chlorine stability.
Recommended Uses: Cooling water treatment, boiler treatment, I & I cleaners, swimming pool stain prevention, metal ion control.
Typical Properties:
White crystalline powder
Active Acid as HEDP (%)
90.0 min
Phosphorous acid as PO33- (%)
2.5 max
Phosphorous acid as PO43- (%)
0.7 max
Chloride (as Cl,%)
1.0 max
Iron content (Fe ppm)
35.0 max
PH(1% solution)@20°C
2.0 max
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